Business control using neural network video analytics

The HealthVision video analytics system processes a large amount of information and transforms it into actionable business intelligence that can be applied to all business groups of the company - in planning, marketing, and security.

Depending on your goals, HealthVision can help you optimize customer service, reduce fraud and increase your company's bottom line decisions.Business control using neural network video analytics

Video analysis functions to monitor guest traffic

Video stream analysis helps company and divisional leaders improve many aspects of the business, such as marketing, operations and merchandising.


Public Safety Video Analysis Funtions

This solution helps you add security elements to your company. Integration of cameras into the internal system of the roomф will help to avoid critical situations and dangerous consequences for employees and visitors.


Video analysis fuctions that ensure the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns

These features will help you better understand your target audience, provide a positive brand experience, increase brand loyalty, improve advertising performance, and attract new customers.


Identification of economic violations